Headstart Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

The Mission of the Bishop Indian Head Start program is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for children ages three to five by enhancing their school readiness skills and embracing the Bishop Paiute Tribal language preservation and revitalization in two ways:

  1. The outdoor and indoor classrooms will provide hands on experience to support children’s growth in language and literacy, social and emotional development, cognition, approaches to learning, perceptual, motor and physical development.
  2. Each family will be provided with individual services to support their family’s overall wellness based on the family’s needs assessments.

The Bishop Indian Head Start Program’s Vision is to provide families, children, staff, and the community with a diverse leaning experience. Bishop Indian Head Start collaborates with community services to provide education on parenting, leadership, disabilities, health, mental health, nutrition, fitness, and culture. The Bishop Indian Head Start Program’s Philosophy is to create a developmentally appropriate and enriched environment for every child. Bishop Indian Head Start believes in the empowerment of families so that they may make informed decisions about their children’s education and well-being.

Contact Us

Located at:
405 North Barlow Lane
Bishop, CA 93514
Susie Cisneros

Office Phone: (760) 872-3911 ext. 2510
Cell: (760) 937-6735
Office Fax: (760) 582-4291
Email: susie.cisneros@bishoppaiute.org
Amanda Miloradich
Assistant Director/Health and Disabilities Manager

Office Phone: (760) 872-3911 ext. 2520
Office Fax: (760) 582-4291 Email: amanda.miloradich@bishoppaiute.org
Paige Sills
BIHS Family Partnership Advocate

Office Phone: (760) 872-3911 ext. 2530
Office Fax: (760) 582-4291 Email: paige.sills@bishoppaiute.org