Bishop Indian Education Center

The goal of the Education Center is to provide quality educational supportive services for the youth of the tribe and surrounding community by maintaining a positive, supportive, and respsonsible staff dedicated to the development of well-rounded individuals. The Education Center will monitor student progress, offer tutorial services, workshops, scholarship opportunities, college and career counseling, mediation, parent conflict support, as well as a various activities for both parents and students.


  • After school tutoring for students 1st - 8th grade emphasizing reading and math
  • Evening tutoring is available to high school students and adults needing assistance with all academic subjects

Parent Supportive Services

  • Educational, social, and cultural activities and workshops are available to parents
  • Educational counseling
  • Conflict support
  • Mediation
  • Academic Support
  • Computer Support

Scholarships / College & Career Counseling

  • Tribal Scholarships - BIA and Bishop Tribal Scholarships are available to all enrolled Tribal members attending post-secondary institutions
  • Assistance with Federal Aid Forms, college and career counseling are also available - CONTACT STUDENT SERVICES COORDINATOR (760) 873-8740

Summer Activities

  • A five-week long program that provides a fun and educational field summer for students 1st - 9th grade. Students participate in language arts/reading, physical education, arts, and crafts, Paiute language, and field trips
  • A nutritious breakfast & lunch is provided all summer long for children 0-18 years old through our Summer Foods Program

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